Health Services

Health Services

Diet & Nutrition Sessions
Anthony Road CC facilitates diet & nutrition Sessions during stay and play sessions. Sessions involve preparing meals following the balance of good health guidelines.
Meals are prepared from the five food groups to maintain a healthy diet. All meals will be prepared using fresh ingredients and suggested alternatives for sugars and salts and saturated fats.

During sessions families will be given information with up to date guidelines on health issues and concerns raised by Department of Health.

Weaning support
Parents are offered weaning support in the home and at the centre when baby is approaching 6 months.
Staff go through the weaning guidelines which look at when it is best to start weaning and which foods to begin with. We also inform the parent which foods to avoid if weaning earlier than the recommended 6 months. Parents are given lots of simple and tasty ideas for healthy meals as well as snacks and finger foods. The support we offer also includes fussy eaters/oral hygiene advice.
Breast feeding support
Parents are offered breast feeding support at home and at the centre. Anthony road cc has the facility to breast feed discreetly as we have a breast feeding room with a comfy breast feeding chair. In addition Anthony road CC has a breast pump hire service, we have electric and manual breast pumps available.
Baby massage
Anthony road CC facilitates baby massage sessions throughout the year. The baby massage sessions will be run during Under 2’s Stay and Play sessions (please refer to our latest activity calendar). We ask parents to bring their own oil that is suited to their child’s skin.

The benefits from Baby massage are:

* Colic relief
* Relief from teething pains
* Aids sleep
* Increases muscle tone
* Develops bonding and attachment between mother & child
* Promotes early communication & language.
Antenatal Parenting Group (5wk course)
This group is intended for mothers to-be, their partners, other family members and those who will be present at the birth. Having a good starting relationship between baby and his primary carers will help his brain development, his cognitive development and his social development. In other words pregnancy and birth will set the scene for his future. This course is based on the Solihull approach where it is able to weave together the information that mothers and families want about pregnancy and help with preparation for making a relationship with the baby form the womb to birth and beyond.
Some of the topics covered;
* Helping you and your baby through pregnancy and birth
* Getting to know your baby in the womb
* You, your baby and the stages of labour
* Helping you and your baby through the stages of labour and birth
* Feeding you baby